HealthQ prides itself in the fact that it is India’s first and only Paperless Field Research organization.All procedures and processes from recruitment, interviewing,quality management,and data analysis delivery are done electronically.


This is made possible through HealthQ’s own tabMaX methodology.This pertains to all interviewing done on Tablet PCs without any “paper intervention”.This service initiative of HealthQ is revolutionary for many reasons:


  • Saving the environment - HealthQ will save more than 100 trees per year with absolutely minimal use of paper in the process.


  • Providing the client with 100% authentic data: through transparent processes made possible by tabMaX methodology


  • Providing the client unparalleled service quality standards by dematerialization of all research processes.



It was possible for HealthQ to implement this initiative only because it is one of the rare organizations to have completely in-house team who are experienced and qualified enough to handle tabMaX hardware and software on the field.