Radio imaging market has grown dramatically in the last decade and a half globally. In the United States the instance of CT scans have increased from 18 million in early 1990 to about 150 million now. In India the market for Radio imaging equipment and accessories is growing at 16% CAGR. There are about 50000 institutes that have x-ray machines installed and about 4000 of these have a CT scan machine.  About 60000 x ray machines are operational in the country.


About 100 million X-Ray scan happen in India every year. The Diagnostics imaging market is valued at 1 billion USD as of today and is expected to grow to 2 Billion USD in next 3-4 years. Electrodiagnostic equipment’s constitute about 45% of the market.


(All figures and statistics provided above are sourced from HealthQ’s own research conducted in the recent past)






Listed below are some of the projects we have successful delivered in the field of Radiology:




Project Code

Case Study



Market estimation study of electro diagnostic instruments

 There are many players eyeing a slice of the fast growing electro diagnostic instrument market of India. HealthQ has conducted an extensive 300 hospitals and diagnostic centre study to accurately determine the size of the total market. 


Procurement process for imaging instruments

 The study was conducted to understand specific procurement process for imaging instrument and accessories across 100 top private hospital (by number of beds) in India. The study covered radiologist, head of departments, hospital administration and current suppliers


Potential assessment of teleradiology market in India

This new field of diagnostic outsourcing is a lucrative business opportunity and HealthQ has done a potential assessment study of this sector in India. The study was done in two legs:- primary and secondary. Primary research covered the KPO sector and HealthQ conducted IDI with 20 senior business managers in India's KPO industry. The secondary research covered the current scenario of outsourcing from USA and UK


Product perception of a Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine brand amongst radiologist

HealthQ has conducted a study amongst 40 radiologists in 6 cities to understand the brand perception of one of the large diagnostic equipment manufacturer in the MRI machine category. The study covered KOLs amongst radiologist in top 12 hospitals in the country


Concept testing of portable x ray machine

Light and portable x ray machines were tested as a concept in class c hospitals. 45 radiologists were asked about the perception of portable radiography devices. Portable radiography devices have the potential to revolutionise the current radio diagnostic services in the 3rd world countries


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