Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) contribute to about 2.5% to the disease burden of the world. 12% of the men and 22% of the women over the age of 60 suffer from some or the other kind of MSD. In India about 17% of the overall population suffer from some kind of ailment related to MSD. Knee pain caused due to osteoarthritis is the biggest in this category followed by lower back pain. Each inflicting pain to 14% and 8% of the population respectively. The prevalence is much higher in men compared to women.

There are about 90000 knee and hip replacements that are performed in India every year. It is a surgical field which is showing healthy a trending and is expected to grow at about 22% CAGR.


(All figures and statistics provided above are sourced from HealthQ’s own research conducted in the recent past)





Listed below are some of the projects we have successful delivered in the field of Orthopaedics and Rheumatology:





Project Code

Case Study



 Concept Testing of Biologic

HealthQ has done IDI with 40 rheumatologists in India and Bangladesh to do a concept testing of biologic medical product. The study was conducted to understand their apprehensions in prescribing such drugs.


Dashboard publication

 HealthQ published a dashboard that contained business critical information and cues for key decision points for a large musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) equipment manufacturer. It was part of the launch exercise of the manufacturer in India and HealthQ provided support for a 12 month period.


New product launch support

HealthQ supported a major herbal drug maker in the launch of joint pain relieving herbal oil. The study tracked for 6 months, the prescription pattern, product availability, brand awareness and off take in 8 cities where the product was launched.


Market size estimation for knee cap market

 HealthQ has estimated the market size for premium knee caps in south and south east Asia. Knee cap market in this region is controlled by local manufactures which do not provide the latest in technology. A European manufacturer of hi tech knee caps wanted to estimate the market as per the price band of each product.


Brand Perception of a major Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs)

HealthQ has done extensive IDI with 100 GPs in 12 cities to understand their brand perception of a major DMARD. The study covered various aspects to prescription behaviour such as brand preference, local availability, cost, manufacturers equity in the market etc.


Demand assessment and procurement processes for Haemostatic agents

 HealthQ conducted a study on usage and brand preference, usage rate, current scenario, future potential and procurement processes of hospitals. For the purpose, HealthQ conducted IDIs of Neuro-surgeons, Cardiac Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, Gastro-Surgeons, Ortho/spine surgeons, General surgeons and procurement heads across top 32 hospitals in India.





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