After Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), cancer is the second biggest Non Communicable Disease (NCD) responsible for 14% of the deaths in the world. Every year 7 million people in the world die of cancer out of the 25 million who suffer from it. 12 million new cases are discovered each year. Studies suggest that by 2030 all these numbers will grow three folds.


Tobacco-Attributable Cancer Mortality are the most common among causes of mortality in Indian men and breast cancer in the last decade has over taken cervical cancer as the biggest reason of cancer related mortalities in Indian women. Due to resource constraints India faces a challenging task to enhance capacity to improve early detection, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.  About 75% of the cases are reported in the locally advanced (Stage III) or metastatic (Stage IV) stage at diagnosis.


(All figures and statistics provided above are sourced from HealthQ’s own research conducted in the recent past)




Listed below are some of the projects we have successful delivered in the field of Oncology:






Project Code

Case Study



Socio economic profiling of Oral Cancer patients in India

 HealthQ has conducted an extensive 8 class ‘B’ cities hospital study to profile oral cancer patients. Contrary to western trends majority of oral cancer cases in India are attributed to chewing tobacco rather than smoking cigarettes. HealthQ has profiled patients according to socio-economic class and also according to their tobacco consumption practice.


First Line of treatment analysis for Locally advanced breast cancer (LABC)

 Five FGD of oncologists were conducted in 5 different cities for understanding the first line of treatment for patients with LABC. Each FGD lasted more than  120 mins and covered all the mainstream and alternative  methodologies used by oncologists in treatment of LABC


 Gynecologist prescription for pap smear

50 gynaecologists IDI to examine the propensity to prescribe pap smear to test cervical cancer. IDI were conducted in 33 cities and it covered both public and private healthcare facilities. The study covered frequency of test prescription according to age, income and if the patient suffer from other diseases


 Prostate cancer prescription behavior amongst oncologists

 HealthQ has done 3 country studies to record the prescription behaviour of oncologist for patients of prostate cancer. The study covered the geography wise incidence rates and the relative prescription frequency of test.


Concept testing of Proton Therapy

 IDI of 35 oncologists across 6 cities for concept testing of proton therapy. Proton therapy the modern albeit an expensive option. Oncologists in India were asked about the medical benefits vis a vis cost of treatment. Latest in literature on proton therapy was shared with the Indian oncologist


 Patient Care study of Lung cancer patients’ at large hospitals

HealthQ has done extensive study on top 5 large hospitals of their patient care procedures and patient satisfaction level. The study covered the admission process, operative care, post-operative care, insurance clearance and other factors that lead to the overall satisfaction with a hospital's services


Demand Assessment of Erythropoetin Injectables

Erythropoetin is majorly used to treat low blood levels in CKD and patients undergoing chemotherapy. HealthQ conducted IDIs of 22 oncologists, 12 consulting physicians, 28 Nephrologists to understand the demand, preferences, average dosage, disease profile and incidences.



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