India has the highest deaths due to childbirths in the world and also a high maternity mortality rate (MMR) when compared to her neighbors. There are only 25000 obstetricians the country which is a very dismal figure considering there are 24 million births that happen in the county every year. The MMR has reduced significantly over the last few decades but still there is a lot of ground to cover.



The awareness in Indian women towards gynecological problems is very limited as it is a taboo in the country. Even the access to basic female hygiene products is low.  Only 8% of the women in India use sanitary towels, rest use various unsanitary traditional methods. The total sanitary market is valued at just over 200 million USD.


(All figures and statistics provided above are sourced from HealthQ’s own research conducted in the recent past)






Listed below are some of the projects we have successful delivered in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology:





Project Code

Case Study



Awareness of epidural  anaesthesia amongst pregnant women: 

600 expected mothers have been interviewed to gauge their perception about the use of epidural anaesthesia during labour. It was quantitative survey conducted in over 40 hospitals across the country for over 20 days. The misconceptions about use of anaesthesia in rife is India leading to a lower acceptance.


 Customer feedback on low cost sanitary towels

HealthQ has conducted a customer survey of 400 respondents on feedback of a low cost sanitary pad targeted towards SEC C, D and rural population of India. The penetration of sanitary pads is  low 5% in rural pockets with majority of women opting traditional non hygienic methods.


 Obstetrician’s prescription behaviour towards epidural anaesthetics

HealthQ has conducted IDI and FGD with 50 obstetricians to understand there prescription behaviour towards epidural anaesthetics in labour pain. The study covered both private and government hospitals in 4 cities.


Public medical care’s effectiveness in proliferation of combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP)

HealthQ has conducted a 200 village study to understand the awareness level of COCP amongst rural women visiting public healthcare hospitals and clinics. The program is sponsored by a government body but its effectiveness has been questioned in the recent past.


 Patient Diaries study of women under treatment for endometriosis

HealthQ has conducted a patient diary study of 60 women under medication to treat endometriosis. The study was conducted in 4 metro cities of India and Colombo in Sri Lanka.


Market size estimation study for In vitro fertilization (IVF) in tier 2 Indian cities

HealthQ has done study to estimate the size of IVF market in tier two towns of the country. IVF is fast becoming a popular choice in class B towns in the country with a proliferation of many local players. The study was commissioned to estimate the market for nationally recognised chain.


 Gynaecologist prescription for pap smear

50 gynaecologists IDI to examine the propensity to prescribe pap smear to test cervical cancer. IDI were conducted in 33 cities and it covered both public and private healthcare facilities. The study covered frequency of test prescription according to age, income and if the patient suffer from other diseases




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