Mortalities due to Neuropsychiatric conditions account for about one in every 40 deaths across the globe. In comparison, the reported incidents of mortality due to neuropsychiatric conditions is much less at around 1.5%. In India epilepsy is the biggest reason for mortalities in the neuropsychiatric diseases against Alzheimer and other dementias globally.


Our independent studies suggest that the incidences are much higher at about 3.2%.A high rate of stroke and overall lower prevalence of Parkinsonism and dementia was recorded. India is steadily progressing in the field of neurosurgery and from 200 neurosurgeons in the early 80’s there are about 1000 neurosurgeon in the country today. All the major health institutions in the country now have fully equipped neurosciences departments with super specialists in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuro Anesthesiology, Neuro Biochemistry, Neuro Pathology, Neuro Psychology, Neuro Radiology.


(All figures and statistics provided above are sourced from HealthQ’s own research conducted in the recent past)





Listed below are some of the projects we have successful delivered in the field of Neuro Sciences:





Project Code

Case Study



Market sizing of neural implants in India

20 neuro surgeons have been interviewed by HealthQ to estimate the annual requirement of neural implants in India. This along with 100+ interviews of patients has helped us to estimate the potential of the market.


 Concept testing of Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)

 In 8 countries of south east Asia, HealthQ conducted FGD with 80 neurosurgeons to record their repose towards SPECT machine. SPECT is the new breakthrough in in technology and dip test amongst neurosurgeons was taken to understand their perspective on SPECT


Drug responsiveness to anticonvulsants

HealthQ has done a study with 75 neurologist to compare prescription pattern and acceptance amongst patients to various anticonvulsants. The study was conducted in 2 legs comprising of 3 rounds of FGD and 45 personal interviews.


Patient Satisfaction study

HealthQ conducted a patient satisfaction study with one of the biggest neurological department in a private hospital in India. The patients and their kin responded to questions on their overall satisfaction levels at the neurological department.


Demand assessment and procurement processes for Haemostatic agents

HealthQ conducted a study on usage and brand preference, usage rate, current scenario, future potential and procurement processes of hospitals. For the purpose, HealthQ conducted IDIs of Neuro-surgeons,  Cardiac Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, Gastro-Surgeons, Ortho/spine surgeons, General surgeons and procurement heads across top 32 hospitals in India.


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