Dentistry is a preferred subject amongst students who want to pursue carriers in field of medicine in India. Indian colleges churn out about 25000 doctors with a BDS degree annually. The oral care and hygiene market in India is valued at 1.5 billion USD and dental care services market is valued at about 1.2 billion USD.

The dental equipment market is showing a healthy growth trend with the market currently valued at about 100 million USD. The market is primarily import oriented. The dental implant market is valued at 25 million USD.

The latest trend that is catching up in India is of Dental tourism. The vast difference in cost of dental services between west and India is fuelling the growth of dental tourism, a segment that is growing at 30% CAGR. 


((All figures and statistics provided above are sourced from HealthQ’s own research conducted in the recent past)




Listed below are some of the projects we have successful delivered in the field of Dentistry:




Project Code

Case Study



Dentist preference for Lidocaine

HealthQ has conducted IDI with 55 dentists in 3 Indian cities to understand the patients awareness level and doctors propensity to use local anaesthesia during dental procedures.  The growing numbers of dentists in India has brought larger population under dental care and thus the market for Lidocaine and other anaesthesia is also increasing


Market potential assessment study for dental medical facility in Northern India

 HealthQ has done a state wise, county (district) wise study to assess the scope of opening private dental colleges in those areas. There is 43% growth in number of dental medical seats in the last 3 years still there is scope for new dental colleges to open up.


Purchase process mapping for dentist chair and other equipment’s

HealthQ has mapped the purchase process of more than 110 hospitals/clinics in the country that have relatively large dentistry departments.


 Brand Perception of a Xerostomia treating drug

IDI of 30 GP and a 2 FGD of dentists were conducted by HealthQ to understand their perception of a leading brand of parasympathomimetic drug. It was a prescription behaviours study covering all aspect from brand awareness, availability, cost to company reputation and brand communication channels


Prescription preference study for Xylitol based sweetener

 HealthQ has conducted a 5 cities survey amongst paediatric dentists to understand their prescription behaviour for xylitol based sweetener for patients with early childhood caries (ECC). The study also covered parents of the patients and their reaction to the brand communication and perception of a leading brand


Brand awareness in the chemist channel for a OTC medicated toothpaste

HealthQ leveraged its vast experience in quantitative research to do a brand awareness study at 1000+ chemist outlets in India to measure the chemist’s awareness level of a large medicated toothpaste brand in the country. This category is buzzing with action after the launch of 4 new brands by big multinational player.




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