Anesthesiology is the advanced field of medicine which requires extensive training and knowledge. Anesthetists are the best paid professionals across all medical fields in the United States. In India the awareness about the field is low especially amongst general population. The number of specialist anesthesiologist is about 25000 in India. Almost all the government run medical colleges in India have an anesthesiology department with specialized diploma and degree courses in anesthesiology.


 (All figures and statistics provided above are sourced from HealthQ’s own research conducted in the recent past)





Listed below are some of the projects we have successful delivered in the field of Anaesthesiology:





Project Code

Case Study



Procurement procedure for anesthesia machines:

 HealthQ has done study of procurement processes of anaesthesia machines in 150 large private hospitals in India. We conducted a detail quantitative survey of doctors, procurement manager, OT in charge and office admin to understand the process. It was an exercise commissioned by a manufacturer to asses ways of increasing the market share in the segment.


Awareness of epidural  anesthesia amongst pregnant women: 

600 expected mothers have been interviewed to gauge their perception about the use of epidural anaesthesia during labour. It was quantitative survey conducted in over 40 hospitals across the country for over 20 days. The misconceptions about use of anaesthesia in rife is India leading to a lower acceptance.


Dentist preference for Lidocaine

HealthQ has conducted IDI with 55 dentist in 3 Indian cities to understand the patients awareness  level and doctors propensity to use local anaesthesia during dental procedures.  The growing numbers of dentists in India has brought larger population under dental care and thus the market for Lidocaine and other anaesthesia is also increasing


Market size estimation of anesthesia workstations

HealthQ has done extensive studies to estimate the total functional anaesthesia work stations in the country and the market size estimation for demand in next 3 years. The primary study covered hospitals and nursing homes in 12 cities. The results and estimated were corroborated with the secondary data obtained through indirect means.


Brand perception study

HealthQ has conducted a brand perception study amongst anaesthetist for 5 top general anaesthesia drug brands. We interviewed 120 anaesthetist in 4 cities to understand there prescription behaviour and correlated it with their choice of brands based on various parameters like price, communication, availability etc.


 Obstetrician’s prescription behavior towards epidural anesthetics

HealthQ has conducted IDI and FGD with 50 obstetricians to understand there prescription behaviour towards epidural anaesthetics in labour pain. The study covered both private and government hospitals in 4 cities.


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