HealthQ envisages itself to be best known as a process compliance company.The smallest of processes are documented in the form of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) keeping in mind the human element.This has been possible through synthesis of HealthQ’s vast experience in healthcare market research and the best process practices brought in by the management from some of the best research and consulting companies in the world.



Each employee,allocated to a particular project, is provided a set of SOPs to be followed.For example a moderator for IDIs will be asked to adhere to the SOP of F2F IDI moderation.Compliance of the same will be monitored by the Quality Assurance representative for that project.Any breach in SOP compliance will be reported to the project manager for necessary remedial action.



These people-oriented processes drive the quality engine of our organization.With detailed SOPs monitoring,reporting and control,we maintain our high standards of quality.