Transcription is one of the most critical steps in field-research chain which is a key determinant of the overall quality of service to the client. Transcription in healthcare is even more challenging than any other field due do the complexity of medical terminology.


  • Though English is the medium of instruction in Indian healthcare education, even for the most seasoned medical professional, it is still a secondary language of communication. This leads to the respondents making petty grammatical errors, using idiosyncratic phrases (for e.g. you know, I mean), incomplete sentences etc which make the verbatim transcript hard to comprehend.


  • The medical terminology used by the respondent is not understood properly by the transcriber due to which the transcript has flawed content.
  • HealthQ makes this job easy by using a novel combination of technology and processes to provide the client the best in class transcription services. HealthQ has a unique process in which it amalgamates the transcription process with the interview at the interviewing stage itself.


  • First rough draft of the transcription is created at the time of the interview using speech recognition software on tablet computers.


  •  Second draft is created after the interviewer who makes limited but critical changes, if any, to medical terminologies used in the interview which may not have been auto transcribed correctly.


  • The third and final draft is prepared at the delivery center in Bhagalkot, Karnataka where our medical transcriptionists give the transcription its deliverable form and make the final set of changes.