Large quantitative surveys involve huge amount of data analysis.Sometimes, an insight is hidden in the most unexpected cross sections of the data. Thus analysts like to look at the same piece of data from different angles/cross sections.Analysts have to prepare multiple cross sectional tables which in most cases lead up to several hundred in number.


  •  This is a relatively amateurish but time consuming task for a client’s expert analysts therefore a waste of expensive resources.


  • There is generally a time lag (1-2 weeks) between data collection and generation of final tabulation sheets.This acts as a bottleneck to the entire process and increases the turnaround time for the project.


  • Since there is no predetermined format for data presentations,new tables and sheets have to be built for every project after the data collection stage.This is a waste of time and a compromise on quality.     


  • The field agency analysts have very limited knowledge of spreadsheet management tools such as Excel, Access, Lotus 1-2-3 which hinders with the quality of the tables both in visual appeal and outcome.
  •   HealthQ has a team of researchers adept at handling spreadsheet and data management software like MS Excel, MS Access, Lotus 1-2-3 and VB programming.


  •  Our analysts templatise the tabulation sheet process during the time of fieldwork,such that the first rough draft of tabulation is ready as soon as the data entry is completed.Thus without wasting much time in data tabulation the output is ready for delivery.The client is provided analysis ready data as soon as the data collection stage is completed.


  •   For the client, this will drastically reduce the turnaround time and improve cost effectiveness.