Report writing is the critical most part of a research project which showcases the final outcome of the research.HealthQ can provide the client with targeted reports with insightful content and supplement it with backup data.Our researchers are sufficiently skilled to bring together remarkable analytical skills and impactful visual imagery to give meaningful insights from plain data.


HealthQ can provide a gamut of report types,from presentation for analysts (presentation with charts, tables and graphs for client’s analysts to work upon) to complete client ready presentations (with flow based story-telling, advanced graphics, condensed insight with back presentation etc).


 Please find some of our report excerpts from studies done earlier


Sample Qualitative Report


Why HealthQ should make your reports:


·         For the purpose of report writing,our analysts are always in constant touch with our field researchers who tell them a lot more things,beyond the questionnaire, which the respondent may have told them.


·         We can add value beyond the data at hand,something which the client’s own researchers may not be able to,since they only have the data from the questionnaire.


·         Report writing from our researchers will be cost effective and timely.By giving HealthQ the whole chain of primary research,data analysis and report writing client will be saving in terms of reduced analyst resources.