“Getting unexpected responses from right respondent bears far more value than getting expected responses from a wrong recruitment”



Healthcare is a wide field which is made up of many intricate domains. The knowledge of each domain is held by a small set of people. Thus, interviewing the right respondent holds the key to having impactful insights. This is where HealthQ has a distinctive advantage. Be it a research to understand selling strategies of India’s only two foreign suppliers of Hemodialysis Machines or to understand the treatment dynamics of a rare disease like aortic arch interruption from cardiologists/cardiac surgeons who have treated patients from it, HealthQ has always delighted its clients by acquiring otherwise difficult to get knowledge.


HealthQ has a panel of Health Care Professionals (HCP). The panel has substantial number of medical professionals in almost all therapeutic areas. Please take a look at our panel.


HealthQ rarely has to go beyond its panel for any type of recruitment. A recruitment ready panel results in quicker turnaround times,appropriate respondents and better quality interviews.