IDIs are considered to be one of the best techniques in qualitative research to understand how respondents respond,opine and behave (Verbal and non-verbal) in regard to a research topic. IDIs are considered to be the preferable methodology in the following circumstances:-


·         When the information sought is exploratory in nature to the researcher but not to the respondent.


·         When the nature of information sought is very detailed and individualistic (for example: hospital procurement procedure for a hospital) to a particular respondent.


·         When the nature of information sought is personal to the respondent.


·         When the respondents are hard to reach and cannot be brought to a central location.


IDIs form a significant proportion of techniques employed in qualitative research but could prove to be less impactful if certain key aspects are not taken care of.


HealthQ has identified the following focus areas for an IDI moderation to be successful:


  • Thorough knowledge of the subject: In in-depth Interviews, the word “in-depth” itself denotes the importance of detailed knowledge of the subject at hand at both ends of the interaction. This requirement is even more in a niche knowledge driven domain like healthcare. Moderators should have extensive and detailed knowledge on the subject at hand. This will help the moderator in building a rapport with the respondent and will create an interactive discussion environment where the moderator can probe the respondent wherever necessary.


  • Moderator’s interpersonal and communication skills: IDIs are more productive when treated like discussions or two way interactions rather than an extended Q&A session. For interactions of such lengths, it is very important for the moderator to keep the respondent interested and involved throughout the duration of the interview. Here, the moderator’s interpersonal and communication skills and the command over the language of interaction come to the forefront.


  • By hiring the right people: We hire moderators with minimum 3 year experience in healthcare moderation. We have a team of 12 exhaustively experienced and competently adept healthcare moderators.


  •  By right placement of people: We allocate projects of a particular therapeutic area only to moderators who have sufficient exposure of that area.


  • By giving the right exposure: Our current team has conducted more than 12500 IDI and 250+ Interviews in almost all therapeutic areas.


  • Rigorous training: All our interviews have done more than 30 hours of training on basics of communication skills, interpersonal skills and  group dynamics management.