HealthQ does not outsource any work in India (except quantitative interviewing) be it recruitment, moderation, transcriptions, analysis or report writing every job is done in-house.We have a full in-house team which is a prerequisite for good quality and quicker turnaround time.All our employees are on a regular salary with project specific incentives.The average age of our researchers is 31 and average experience in research is 6 years.


  •  Our employees always put in their best effort since they have a long term objective of growth and prosperity within the organization and are much more aligned to the mission, vision and objectives of the company as opposed to freelancers who just try to survive the day.


  • Our trained employee will always give an output of standardized quality which cannot be guaranteed or controlled by employing a freelancer.


  • Attrition rate of our employees is significantly lower than that of freelancers due to which probability of unexpected adverse events like sudden drop in field staff during a project is very low.Also,we invest a lot in our employees in terms of training and other engagement activities which would not have been possible with freelancers.


  • Salaried employees can be trusted with expensive gadgetry.We empower our employees with latest tablet PCs.