HealthQ has always been at the forefront of constant improvement in the area of field research. Online+ is one such unique offering that augments the benefits of classical online research.


What is Online+?


In contrast to simple online survey which relies on carpet bombing all the relevant /remotely relevant respondents with online questioner with a hope that a percentage of them will respond, Online+ takes a much more effective approach of reaching the right respondents with our large team of field researchers.


We reach the right candidate and administer the online survey, which is a Computer Aided Web Interview (CAWI), using tabMAX methodology. The respondents initiate the survey by clicking on the link provided by the client and our team guides them along in the entire process of filling the survey sheets.


Advantages of choosing Online+ over conventional online methodology:


  • Quicker turnaround time:  In conventional online survey one has to wait for the respondents to fill the survey on their own and send back at their convenience. In  online+ ,physical presence of a researcher ensures that HealthQ is in control of the timelines.


  •  Higher sucess rate:  If a survey had to be conducted amongst 100 gastroenterologists in a country where the total number of gastroenterologist is only 800, a classical online survey would falter because a hit rate of more than 10% is relatively hard to achieve. Online+ methodology will ensure a much higher recruitment hit rate.



  • Quality: The quality of responses received in online+ interviews is significantly higher than what they usually are in the online method. The respondent’s commitment to provide quality responses is high due to supervision during survey administration which would otherwise be handled very casually and in most cases, administered by the doctor’s junior or some individual other than the intended respondent.  Here, the online+ methodology also acts as a proof of authenticity of respondent which would otherwise be indiscernible.